World's 25 Best Burgers by Burgerdudes

Updated: 18 september 2023

We really love burgers here at Burgerdudes, which is why we have spent over a decade searching for the world’s best hamburgers. Our tireless efforts have resulted 706 reviews from 60 countries.

This is a handpicked rundown of the best hamburgers we’ve eaten. Our top restaurants include everything from street food vendors to finer establishments, but they all share the same respect for the ingredients that’s required in order to create an amazing burger.

Click on each entry to read our full review, and please let us know of any places that we can have missed. Happy eating!


J.G. Melon

🇺🇸 New York

J.G. Melon, an iconic establishment since 1972 known for its green decor and cozy ambiance, remains a top destination for burger enthusiasts. Despite several years since our last visit, our recent experience reaffirmed its status as one of the world's best burger joints. On a bustling Thursday evening, we secured an outdoor booth and indulged in their Cheeseburger with bacon for $14.5 and a side of fries for $7.25. Although the burger arrived deconstructed and slightly more cooked than our medium-rare request, it remained juicy and flavorful, complemented by a buttery bun and crispy bacon. J.G. Melon's unchanged charm makes it a must-visit for those seeking an authentic, classic burger, but remember to bring cash for your meal.


Buzina Burgers

🇧🇷 São Paulo

Buzina Burgers in São Paulo, hailed as the city's best burger joint by Hambúrguer Perfeito, lived up to its hype even through home delivery during a renovation period. Ordering their X-Bacon burger with a 170-gram beef patty, cheddar, and bacon for BRL 42 (8.5 USD), the meal arrived promptly in good condition via iFood. Despite the unconventional setting in a hotel lobby, the burger impressed with its juicy beef patty and standout crispy bacon. The soft, slightly sweet bun complemented the flavors perfectly. Buzina Burgers' ability to deliver an exceptional dining experience in such circumstances speaks volumes about their high-quality offerings, leaving a strong desire to visit their restaurant in person for an even better experience.


Sold Out Burger

🇫🇷 Paris

Sold Out Burger, a Parisian eatery established in 2020 in the 10th arrondissement, boasts a unique concept: offering just one daily beef burger with an emphasis on daily ingredient preparation and minimal food waste. Their compact restaurant exclusively serves to-go burgers, with their Cheese Burger featuring aged cheddar, red onions, pickles, and secret sauce priced at 9 EUR (9 USD). Opting for upgrades like double beef patties for 3 EUR (3 USD), bacon for 1 EUR (1 USD), and a side of French fries for 3 EUR (3 USD), the resulting burger experience reminded diners of Denmark's Gasoline Grill due to its similarity. The burger featured a thick, well-seasoned beef patty with a crisp crust, a soft and buttery bun, house-made pickles providing a balanced acidity, and a classic burger sauce. Thickly cut red onions added texture, and bacon was recommended as an excellent addition. Sold Out Burger's skin-on fries had a distinct potato flavor but could benefit from more seasoning. Despite offering only one burger type, this classic and uncomplicated creation stood out as the best hamburger in Paris, particularly when upgraded to a double cheeseburger with bacon.



🇩🇪 Berlin

Goldies, established in 2017 in Berlin's Kreuzberg, has expanded its culinary horizons with Goldies Smash Burger on Graefestraße, located a short 10-minute walk from its original location. Their concise menu features four burger options, including vegetarian and vegan versions, priced between 9-11 EUR (9.5-11.5 USD) for a double-patty burger. We ordered a classic double Cheeseburger and the Super Smash Brother burger with various toppings, along with a side of french fries for 3.5 EUR (3.5 USD). The burgers arrived with an In-N-Out-style presentation, and this homage was evident throughout the meal. The bun-to-patty ratio was ideal, the potato bun perfectly toasted, and the well-seasoned crust highlighted the beefy flavors. Although the Cheeseburger had slightly overpowering ketchup and milder pickles, the overall softness of the burgers was a minor concern. Their crispy, flavorful french fries were a standout, accompanied by the signature curry-flavored ketchup commonly found in Germany. Goldies stands out in Berlin's burger scene by prioritizing simplicity while respecting the tradition of smash burgers, resulting in what is arguably the best burger in Berlin.


Gasoline Grill

🇩🇰 Copenhagen

Gasoline Grill, originally situated in a fully operational gas station near Copenhagen's bustling shopping district and subsequently expanding across the Danish capital, impressed with its stylishly furnished but compact locations, complete with blankets for chilly winter visits. The concise menu offers options like the Original Burger, Cheeseburger, Butterburger, and a vegetarian choice, all reasonably priced at 75 DKK (approximately 11 USD) excluding sides. Sampling both the Cheeseburger and the Butterburger, known for its decadent buttery richness originating from the United States' butter belt, the burgers arrived in practical paper pockets that captured the meaty juices from the perfectly cooked medium-rare patties. While the top crust of the bun was slightly thicker than expected, its soft interior and griddled warmth paired harmoniously with the other ingredients. The Gasoline sauce added a delightful hint of spiciness, distinguishing it from ordinary burger condiments, and the melty, creamy cheese complemented the rich and flavorful Butterburger without overpowering it. Gasoline Grill's straightforward yet delicious burgers, combined with their cool ambiance and affordable pricing, undeniably position them as the top hamburger joint in Denmark and the reigning burger king of Copenhagen.


Emmy Squared

🇺🇸 USA

Emmy Squared, a sibling restaurant to the acclaimed Pizza Loves Emily, has a presence in several eastern U.S. cities. Renowned for declaring the Emmy Burger at Pizza Loves Emily as the best in the world, the review takes on Emmy Squared's Le Big Matt Burger, featuring two dry-aged beef patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and Sammy sauce in a pretzel bun, along with waffle fries for 26 USD, with an added 3 USD for bacon. Notably, the review draws comparisons between the two venues. While Emmy Squared impresses with exceptional beef, a durable pretzel bun, and superbly cooked bacon, the main difference lies in the burger sauce, which, while tasty, falls short of the extraordinary Emmy sauce at Pizza Loves Emily. Ultimately, if you're in New York and can only try one of the two burgers, Pizza Loves Emily is the preferred choice, but Emmy Squared still serves a remarkable burger available in more locations across the states, along with their fantastic pizza.


Encarnado Burger

🇧🇷 Rio de Janeiro

Encarnado Burger, currently the most talked-about burger joint in Rio de Janeiro and crowned as the city's best by both Veja Rio and the burger guide Hambúrguer Perfeito, impressed with its visit in the lively neighborhood of Ipanema as part of the Espaço 09 gastronomic collective. Their concise menu featured six burger options, and the chosen Palhaço Reencarnado, meaning "reincarnated clown," stood out. Priced at BRL 40 (8 USD) and including french fries with dipping sauce, this burger was meticulously cooked and assembled. The golden brown sesame seed bun was not only visually appealing but also exceptionally soft and well-toasted. The balance in size, particularly with the substantial beef patty, and the well-proportioned ratios made it special. While a touch more salt on the meat could have enhanced it, this was a minor critique. The double cheese slices provided delightful creaminess, though melting them a bit more could have perfected the experience. The pickles provided a nice contrast to the rich beef, creating a classic harmony of flavors, while the high-quality fries with a crispy texture and distinct potato taste added to the overall delight. Encarnado Burger left a lasting impression, securing its place as the favorite burger restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.


4 Charles Prime Rib

🇺🇸 New York

4 Charles Prime Rib, an intimate New York City basement steakhouse with a speakeasy ambiance, is known for its memorable dining experience and is operated by the owners of Au Cheval. While reservations are typically made a month in advance, a next-day takeout option allowed for a convenient meal pickup. The substantial Double Wagyu Cheeseburger, priced at a steep 37 USD and enriched with an additional 9 USD for bacon, presented a significant expense, but the quality was on par with Au Cheval. The burger featured expertly cooked and seasoned beef with intense beefiness, complemented by savory and smoky bacon with a buttery texture. The cheese, dijonnaise, and pickles contributed unique textures and harmonious flavors. While subtle differences existed compared to Au Cheval, 4 Charles Prime Rib's burger stood out slightly, making both highly recommended options for those seeking a celebratory meal. If budget allows and reservations are secured, indulging in this sensational burger is a priority.



🇪🇸 Madrid

Briochef, recognized as Madrid's best burger joint on multiple occasions, lived up to its reputation as we dined at their location near the Palacio Real de Madrid. With around ten burger options on the menu, we sampled the Oasis, Picanto, and Brooklyn, experiencing burgers with both thick and thinly smashed beef patties. The standout was the Brooklyn burger, modeled after the world-famous one at Pizza Loves Emily, which Burgerdudes previously dubbed the best burger globally. Offered with either a thick 180-gram patty or two smashed 100-gram patties, the burgers, priced at 15.90 EUR (17 USD) each with fries, were impressively saucy and featured a fluffy, flavorful brioche bun that handled the beef juices impeccably. The dry-aged Rubia Gallega beef patties, aged for 60 days, exhibited tenderness with a perfect pink center and generous crust. The Brooklyn sauce struck a remarkable balance of sweetness and heat, while the wafer-thin, crispy bacon added flavor but could have offered more texture. The Picanto burger featured a delicious spicy sauce and decadent bacon jam, while the Oasis, a simpler bacon and cheese burger with pickled onions and an herby sauce, couldn't match the intensity of the other burgers but allowed the deep beefy flavors to shine. The fries, although nice, didn't stand out compared to the phenomenal burger flavors. Briochef unquestionably serves the best burgers in Madrid, thanks to their outstanding meat and exceptional buns, earning our wholehearted recommendation.


Burgers and Pastrami – BAP

🇸🇪 Stockholm

Burgers and Pastrami – BAP, located in Stockholm's Östermalm district, has continually evolved its burger offerings and ingredients since its inception in 2017, with recent changes prompting a new review. Their menu includes eight burgers, with prices ranging from 130–165 SEK (15–19 USD) depending on the choice of a single or double patty. Additionally, they offer pastrami sandwiches. Notable favorites among their menu include the lunchtime Bronx burger, BBQ Swey, and the off-menu Royal with Cheese, which features double patties for an ideal beef-to-bun ratio and exceptional crust development while maintaining juiciness on the inside. Previous concerns, such as overly soft and sweet burgers, have been successfully addressed, resulting in a more satisfying experience. Their sides, including regular and sweet potato fries, maintain a high standard with a crispy outer shell and creamy interior. A standout is their BAP Fries 2.0, featuring fries with pastrami, sauce, red onions, fresh chilies, and cilantro, designed for sharing. Over the years, Burgers and Pastrami – BAP's commitment to quality has paid off, earning them the highest score and establishing them as a consistent provider of some of Sweden's finest burgers.


Harlem Shake

🇺🇸 New York

Harlem Shake, established in 2013 in Harlem, New York, quickly gained a reputation for serving some of the city's finest milkshakes and smash burgers. In 2021, they expanded to Brooklyn, but we opted for the original diner-style location in Harlem. Their menu offers a variety of items, including burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and milkshakes. We ordered two different burgers: the double Harlem Classic for 11 USD and the double Hot Mess for 13 USD, along with Jerk Fries for 5 USD and a red velvet cake-flavored Harlem Shake for 6 USD. The burgers displayed an appealing sear and a perfectly crunchy texture that pleased fans of crusty burgers. The Harlem Classic delivered classic flavors with a well-balanced special sauce and crisp pickles, while the Hot Mess featured an addictive bacon relish with savory, sweet, and spicy notes, enhanced by chipotle mayo's smokiness. The Jerk Fries packed some heat, and the creamy milkshake was a refreshing complement. The only complaint was the lack of extra cheese on the double burger, as we would gladly have paid for it to optimize the ratios. Overall, Harlem Shake lived up to its reputation as the best smash burger restaurant in New York, making it a must-visit.


Soul Coffee Beer

🇪🇸 Valencia

Soul Coffee Beer, located in Paiporta on the outskirts of Valencia, earned the title of Spain's best burger in 2022 by burger critic Joe Burgerchallenge. Despite high expectations, they were fully booked upon our arrival, but we managed to order takeaway burgers and enjoy them just outside the restaurant. We sampled two burgers: the Notorious with two 120-gram 45-day dry-aged beef patties, smoked cheddar, bacon, pickles, and their house burger sauce for 14.5 EUR (15.5 USD), and the Emmy-nem with a 200-gram 45-day dry-aged beef patty, English cheddar, caramelized onions, and a Korean gochujang sauce for 14 EUR (15 USD), with fries included. The burgers impressed with their saucy goodness, delivering an explosion of flavors, exceptionally juicy and tender meat, a perfect crust, and a medium-rare center. The toasted bun played a supportive role, while the caramelized onions added sweetness that paired wonderfully with the spicy gochujang sauce in the Emmy-nem. The Notorious offered a classic cheeseburger experience with crispy bacon and standout pickles. Soul Coffee Beer left us full, satisfied, and sauce-covered, earning a five-star rating and a place among our favorite burgers in Spain. A must-visit, but booking a table in advance is recommended.



🇺🇸 New York

Nowon, New York City's first Korean-American gastropub, opened its doors in 2019, with locations in the East Village and Bushwick, Brooklyn. Emphasizing their unique influences in both decor and menu offerings, we booked a table for a late dinner, finding a bustling atmosphere with loud music on a Thursday night. We sampled two distinct burgers: the Legendary for 21 USD with two beef patties, cheese, roasted kimchi, pickles, onions, and kimchi sauce, and the Dry-Aged Steak Burger for 26 USD with the same ingredients but featuring a thick dry-aged 8 oz beef patty. Bacon was added to both burgers for an extra 5 USD, and we also indulged in Extraordinary Tots with honey butter for 11 USD and Nowon Fried Chicken with gochujang for 18 USD. Despite a longer wait, the food was well worth it, with incredible meat flavors in both burgers and the dry-aged beef patty emerging as a standout. The well-toasted, fluffy buns carried a subtle sesame and salt taste. While the burgers were a bit messy in composition, the fusion of Korean flavors enhanced the overall experience without being overwhelming. A hint of heat added to the background, not overpowering the taste. While the bacon was tasty, it was overshadowed by other ingredients, making it a candidate for omission in favor of an egg next time. The tater tots, while good, were on the pricey side, but the fried chicken won our hearts despite its cost. Nowon's fusion burgers impress on all fronts, offering a superb venue, atmosphere, and cuisine that leave us eager for a return visit.



🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 London

Lagom, helmed by Swedish descendant Elliot Cunningham, has been a beloved burger joint for Burgerdudes since 2017, consistently earning recognition as one of the UK's finest. After participating in Stockholm Burger Fest 2018, the fire-focused concept has made a triumphant return to Hackney Church Brew Co. in north-east London, generating significant excitement. At the brew pub, we ordered their Smash Burger featuring dry-aged beef, American cheese, vinegar slaw, and dill and mustard mayo for 10 GBP (12.5 USD), accompanied by crispy potatoes with garlic mayo for 7 GBP (8.5 USD). Although the burger seemed somewhat small in size, the exceptional flavors exceeded expectations, with expertly balanced composition. The beef, notably fatty (40 percent according to the kitchen) and imbued with rich dry-aged notes, proved exceptionally juicy and delectable. A stunning crust provided a satisfying crunch, harmonizing beautifully with the creamy cheese and tangy coleslaw alongside Scandinavian mayo. The simple, well-toasted bun played its part seamlessly. Despite the compact size, the burger vanished quickly, leaving us eager for more. Fortunately, the ample serving of crispy fried potatoes, boasting robust crispiness and potato flavor, provided a delightful conclusion, complemented by the indulgent garlic mayo. While Lagom's burger might have ventured beyond "lagom" (just right) with a thicker patty, its return to London contributes to the city's vibrant burger scene, showcasing excellence in one of the world's premier burger cities.


Leytonstone Tavern

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 London

Located in northeastern London in the Leytonstone area, Leytonstone Tavern recently gained recognition as finalists at the National Burger Awards 2023. Initially unassuming from the outside, the venue revealed its warm and inviting ambiance indoors. Their menu boasted five beef burger options, including the Double Cheese + Onion Smash with dry-aged beef, cheese, chopped onions, pickles, and mustard jam, priced at 11.50 GBP (14.5 USD), and the Bone Daddy, their award-nominated burger featuring dry-aged beef, braised brisket, Guinness gravy, blue cheese, fried onions, roasted bone marrow, pickles, lettuce, and confit mayo, priced at 16.50 GBP (20.5 USD). Upon receiving our order, we were delighted by the beautiful presentation of the burgers, with every element gleaming. The buns were soft, well-toasted, and generously seeded, while the patties, with a perfect balance of crustiness and juiciness, showcased the rich, dry-aged flavors. The thoughtful seasoning and harmonious flavors in both burgers stood out, with the cheeseburger displaying a well-balanced acidity. Although the roasted bone marrow didn't make a significant impact, the messy, decadent burgers left a lasting impression. Leytonstone Tavern, despite its location on the outskirts of London, is a must-visit for those seeking exceptionally delicious and world-class burgers.


Red Hook Tavern

🇺🇸 New York

Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York, is a trendy neighborhood featuring a blend of modern housing and industrial spaces, resulting in a burgeoning restaurant and bar scene. One notable establishment is Red Hook Tavern, an offshoot of the acclaimed BBQ spot, Hometown Bar-B-Que, drawing inspiration from classic American corner bistros. Their menu includes a burger priced at $28, featuring a thick dry-aged beef patty, cheese, onions, and a sesame bun served with pickles and potato wedges. The burger impresses with its juicy patty cooked to a perfect medium rare, creamy cheese, well-prepared bun, crispy onions, and well-executed sides. Red Hook Tavern offers a superb American bistro burger in a charming atmosphere with friendly service, making it a must-visit in Brooklyn.


AMBOY Quality Meats and Delicious Burger

🇺🇸 Los Angeles

AMBOY Quality Meats and Delicious Burgers, a recently established eatery in Los Angeles's Chinatown, founded by burger expert Alvin Cailan, known for hosting The Burger Show on First We Feast's YouTube channel, offers a concise menu with burger options in three variations: Classic, Slim Thicc, and DH, featuring dry-aged beef. During a visit, the Amboy Burger was sampled in both Classic and DH versions, boasting "new school American cheese," caramelized onions, pickles, and burger sauce in a sesame bun, priced at $10 and $21 respectively. The burgers impressed with soft, sesame-seed-covered buns, flavorful patties, with the DH version showcasing exceptional beefiness and texture. While Garlic Fries maintained a strong garlic flavor and crispness, Amboy Fries with various toppings became somewhat soggy. Overall, AMBOY QMDB exceeded expectations and secured its place as the new favorite burger spot in Los Angeles, leaving patrons incredibly satisfied.



🇺🇸 New York

Pastis, a French bistro located in New York's trendy Meatpacking District, is a popular dining spot for both celebrities and locals. Despite a busy dinner service and no reservation, the authors were fortunate to secure the last bar stool and ordered the Cheeseburger à la Américaine priced at $27. The burger featured two beef patties, cheese, red onions, pickles, and a special sauce, accompanied by french fries. Despite the bustling restaurant, their meal arrived promptly and impressed with its rich beef flavor, expertly cooked patties, melted cheese, and a subtly nutty sesame bun. The secret sauce complemented the pickles and thinly sliced red onion, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures. The well-prepared french fries added to the overall satisfaction, making Pastis' burger a nearly flawless experience and a must-visit, provided you secure a reservation in advance due to high demand for barstools.


Funky Chicken Foodtruck

🇸🇪 Stockholm

Funky Chicken Food Truck in Stockholm has risen to become Sweden's premier burger food truck, impressing with its ever-improving quality. Located in Nacka Strand near central Stockholm from Tuesday to Friday, and making appearances at Hornstulls Marknad on Sundays during the summer, the truck's rotating weekly burger menu consistently delivers exceptional creations. Notably, their Triple Cheese Burger earned public and jury acclaim at Stockholm Burger Fest 2016, embodying street food perfection with its juicy patty, delightful crust, and intense flavors. While the airy brioche bun occasionally struggles to balance the bold ingredients, Funky Chicken's burgers consistently offer satisfaction and culinary happiness to its patrons.


Burger & Beyond

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 London & Manchester

Burger & Beyond, a London-based burger establishment, has held a special place in the hearts of burger enthusiasts since their initial encounter at a food market in 2016. Following their journey through street food pop-ups and food festivals, Burger & Beyond has expanded to multiple restaurants in central London, offering a diverse menu featuring beef, chicken, and vegan burgers, along with delectable sides and shakes. During a recent visit to their Soho location, they sampled every burger on the menu and fell in love with two standouts: the Bacon Butter Burger and the Bougie Burger, both featuring dry-aged beef, double cheese, and exquisite toppings. Among their sides, the Dirty Tots, chunky potato croquettes with bacon, parmesan, chives, hot sauce, and ranch dressing, stood out. The highlight was their sesame-sprinkled brioche bun and high-quality beef, with thick, perfectly cooked patties that combine a great crust with a pink center for maximum beefiness. The exceptional ingredients, including pancetta bacon, brown butter mayo, and marrownaise, elevate the burgers to the next level. Burger & Beyond offers an unparalleled burger experience in England, earning the strongest recommendations and a must-visit status for burger enthusiasts.


Holy Burger

🇧🇷 São Paulo

Holy Burger, an award-winning burger joint in São Paulo, highly praised by the Brazilian burger guide Hambúrguer Perfeito, offers a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of an old New York jazz club. Their extensive menu boasts 13 burgers, and the "Pony Line" hamburger with dry-aged beef, cheddar, sugarcane molasses, and bacon, along with fries, was ordered at a cost of 68 BRL (14 USD). The burger impresses with its appealing appearance, featuring a fluffy golden-brown bun and a perfect ingredient ratio. The soft yet texturally balanced bun complements the incredibly juicy dry-aged beef patty from Spazio Lab, offering deep beefy flavors and a delightful airy texture. The addition of sugarcane molasses with bacon adds a harmonious blend of sweet and savory, resulting in pure burger bliss. Thinly cut fries further enhance the meal, making Holy Burger a world-class burger experience worth its price in São Paulo, leaving patrons euphoric and eager for a return visit.


Au Cheval

🇺🇸 Chicago & New York

Au Cheval, renowned for winning Chicago's best burger accolades multiple times, has expanded to meet high demand, opening Small Cheval branches and a Manhattan location in New York, which accepts reservations. Their New York menu featured two burger options, and the classic Double Cheeseburger with American cheddar, pickles, onions, and dijonnaise was ordered for $21. Although "Au Cheval" typically signifies a burger served with a fried egg, this time they skipped it. However, bacon was added to the burger for $7, along with french fries and aioli for $12. The experience delivered an exceptionally beefy flavor, creamy cheddar, well-balanced dijonnaise, and crisp pickles. The patties boasted intense flavor, tender texture, and impeccable seasoning. The addition of thick bacon provided a delightful buttery saltiness that elevated the burger, while the fries were perfectly crispy, and the aioli complemented them well. Despite the high cost and loud music, Au Cheval's premium burger is highly recommended for its exceptional quality that keeps diners thoroughly engaged.



🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 London

Bleecker Burger, with four stylishly decorated restaurants in central London, is known for its minimalist design, letting the quality of the meat shine. Their menu features a handful of burgers, sides, and milkshakes, all designed to highlight the meat's excellence. Having impressed since their introduction in 2015 and making appearances at Stockholm Burger Fest in 2018 and 2019, Bleecker Burger is considered a must-visit in London. Their double bacon burger with house fries is a favorite, with phenomenal dry-aged beef, a soft sesame bun, and crunchy, salty bacon enhancing the flavors. The simplicity of their burgers, focusing on meat, bread, cheese, onions, and sauce, is key to their success, and their vegan burger and House Fries with burger dressing also earn praise. Bleecker Burger is a top contender in London's burger scene, making it a must-try destination for burger enthusiasts.


Hundred Burgers

🇪🇸 Valencia & Madrid

Hundred Burgers, with four locations in Valencia, is operated by the Spanish equivalent of Burgerdudes, a burger-focused entity known for global burger exploration. The flagship restaurant in central Valencia boasts a college library-inspired decor and offers eleven beef burger options. They sampled five burgers, including the signature Singular burger with 60-90 days dry-aged beef, cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, and Camembert crème for 11.5 EUR (12.5 USD), which won the Spanish burger championship. Notably, the Paul Finch burger, featuring 80-120 days dry-aged 'New York Strip Steak,' was a standout with limited daily availability. The burgers were sizable, featuring a tall, buttery, and slightly salty cross between a brioche bun and Japanese milk bread. The intensely dry-aged meat delivered strong beef flavors, with the Rubia Gallega beef patties melting in the mouth. While the Singular and Satisfaction burgers were masterpieces, the classic cheeseburger (Royale Con Queso) was considered the weakest due to ketchup and mustard overpowering other flavors. Hundred Burgers impressed with their holistic approach and continuous improvement, offering some of the best burgers, making them a must-try destination in Spain.


Pizza Loves Emily

🇺🇸 New York

Pizza Loves Emily in West Village, New York, was crowned the best burger in the world by the authors following their visit in 2017, and the burger's reputation has since gained global recognition. During their recent return, they dined at the West Village location, noting that the Brooklyn restaurant only offers a single patty burger, and they also mentioned a sibling restaurant called Emmy Squared. The Emmy Double Stack Burger, featuring two dry-aged beef patties, cheese, fried onions, pickles, and Emmy sauce in a pretzel bun, served with waffle fries for $26, once again left them in awe, describing it as a "taste explosion." The sauce's deep flavors and slight spice, paired with the fried onions, cheese, and pickles, created a perfect harmony of textures and flavors. They appreciated the inclusion of pickle slices inside the burger, enhancing the overall experience. Despite their initial concerns about the pretzel bun's texture, it was surprisingly soft and complemented the burger well, allowing the beef's deep, slightly red-centered beefiness to shine. Their only minor critique was the presence of a superfluous skewer in the burger. While the portion of waffle fries was small, they were well-prepared and seasoned to perfection. Pizza Loves Emily still retains its title as the best burger in the world, offering an unmissable dining experience alongside excellent pizza.