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We are the Burgerdudes

Burgerdudes.se is the world’s leading burger website. We focus on a Swedish audience, but every review has an English summary at the end. If you’re having any problems, feel free to contact us using the form on this page.

We are a group of burger-loving individuals who have been travelling the world in search of the best burgers since 2009, and in 2014 we launched this website. We now boast 400+ reviews from more than 50 different countries.

Nothing beats a burger with a medium rare patty (freshly ground using the Blumenthal method) in a soft brioche or potato roll, served with double-fried french fries.

Since 2016 we have organized Stockholm Burger Fest – Sweden’s first burger festival. In 2016 is was held in Stockholm’s Södermalm district, and was a huge success with thousands of hungry visitors. It was followed by Stockholm Burger Fest 2017 in central Stockholm, becoming was even more popular and saw the premiere of The Burgerdude – our first signature burger together with Barrels Burgers & Beer. We also took over the menu with 4 bespoke hamburgers at Bastard Burgers in late 2017.

For Stockholm Burger Fest 2018 we once again worked with Barrels Burgers & Beer, inviting Bleecker and Eat Lagom from London, flying over their staff and shipping their meat and buns in cold storage so that Sweden could get a taste of some of Britain’s finest burgers. With 6,000 visitors and 7,000 burgers, the festival was a huge success and we’re already planning for next year!

In 2018 we also developed and designed the entire menu concept and recipes for 8ft Burger – Sweden’s smallest burger chain, serving high quality smash burgers from an 8 foot pink shipping container. We also returned to Bastard Burger in August and September for a whopping 6-burger menu takeover; this time including two 100% vegan burgers.

2019 saw some new and old collaborations, but our proudest moment was introducing dry-aged meat together with the Stockholm restaurant The Border: Burgers vs. Burritos. We’re looking forward to working with many other restaurants in 2020, so keep an eye open for upcoming collaborations!

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