The World’s 50 Best Burgers 2020

The World's 50 best burgers

Published: 8 November 2019

This list is outdated. Please check out our new world ranking.

We really love burgers here at Burgerdudes, which is why we have spent half a decade searching for the world’s best hamburgers. Our tireless efforts have resulted in 400 reviews from over 50 countries, four funfilled burger festivals and loads of exciting collaborations.

Now that we’ve turned five years old in November 2019, we proudly present The 50 Best Burgers in the World!

This is a handpicked rundown of the best hamburgers we’ve eaten. Our top restaurants include everything from street food vendors to finer establishments, but they all share the same respect for the ingredients that’s required in order to create an amazing burger. And with 20 countries in the top 50, we are happy to see that the burger craze is a global phenomenon!

Click on each entry to read our full review, and please check out all of our other reviews here. And please let us know of any places that we can have missed here. Happy eating!


This list is outdated. Please check out our new world ranking.

50. The Bird (Berlin, Germany)

The Bird is without a doubt the most prolific burger joint in Berlin, and it’s easy to understand why. This is not for the faint-hearted, with large patties and an unorthodox bun. The meat was really tasty, and the fries were a real treat with a nice crispiness and excellent flavour. A must-visit if you’re in the German capital and want a juicy and hearty hamburger.

49. Friends & Brgrs (Helsinki, Finland & Copenhagen, Denmark & Hamburg, Germany)

The Finnish chain Friends & brgrs has expanded into both Denmark and Germany, with a focus on making better fast food burgers. And they really seem to be succeeding! Their burgers are simple but great, and it was pretty obvious after just one bite that the bread and the other ingredients were super fresh. The meat is handled and cooked correctly with great texture, making them the best burgers we’ve eaten in Helsinki, and Hamburg too for that matter. Herkullinen!

48. Burger & Co (Taipei, Taiwan)

Burger & Co is a small burger shop located in the Da’an district of Taipei. They mainly serve cheeseburgers, single or double, with optional bacon, jalapeños or fried eggs. The meat is freshly ground, the buns are made especially for the shop and they even make their own fries from scratch. We tried the cheese burger and their attention to details was obvious. The flavours were on point and had us wanting more. Add friendly staff who spoke good English and free stickers with their cute mascot and we can do nothing but recommend a visit.

47. Stewz Maui Burgers (Hawaii, USA)

Stewz Maui Burgers serve the best burger we’ve eaten on Hawai’i. This small burger joint is located on the island of Maui, by the Kamaole Beach Parks in Kihei. Our burger was cooked medium with a nice and juicy pink centre that tasted great. We especially liked the hot and crunchy jalapeños, the crispy bacon and the thin slices of red onion. The sweet potato fries and local Maui onion rings were a real treat, and we’d be happy to return just for them. This is the real cheeseburger in paradise!

46. Cabana Burger (Brazil)

With a handful of restaurants in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro, Cabana Burger impressed us with their attention to detail. The vibe and concept feels a lot like Shake Shack and we felt at home right away. The smashed patty of Angus meat had a good taste and a nice pink centre, and the bun was fluffy and was nicely toasted. We’d recommend a double burger in order to improve the bun to patty ratio, and you should definitely order their rosemary fries as well. It’s great to see more places in South America stepping up to the plate. Literally.

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45. Super Hero Burger (Trondheim, Norway)

Super Hero Burger in Trondheim, Norway, is a diner with an extensive burger menu. We ordered a cheese and bacon burger that blew us away with its crispy and smoky bacon, superbly melted cheese and a really flavoursome patty. This is the best burger we’ve had in Norway to date, so far surpassing the efforts of the Norwegian capital. A real super hero indeed.

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44. Bunsen (Belfast, Cork & Dublin, Ireland)

Bunsen opened their first burger restaurant in 2013, and have since expanded into three Irish cities. And their cheeseburger with hand-cut fries didn’t disappoint one bit. Our medium cooked burger was served in no time, wrapped in some paper that made sure that everything was nice and gooey. The fluffy bun was perfectly toasted, keeping everything in place, and everything tasted great. We especially liked the patty with its charred outside and juicy centre. And all of the ingredients worked really well together without taking over. Definitely one of the finest specimens in Ireland.

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43. Fire House (Tokyo, Japan)

Fire House in the Bunkyo area of Tokyo have been serving high quality burgers since 1996. Keeping up with the latest trends is no problem when you have high quality ingredients, and their classic bacon cheeseburger came in a big and fluffy bun, with the patty boasting a nice and pink centre (which is quite uncommon in Japan). Fire House prove that a classic approach goes a long way!

42. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer (New York, USA)

Black Tap are perhaps best known for their crazy milkshakes, but it turns out that they have really good burgers as well. The meat tasted great and had a nice texture, and the potato bun was fluffy and delicious, just as it should be. The freakshake didn’t disappoint either of course, but we were really happy to see that their burger could handle itself and stand out from the crowd. Perfect when you need something more substancial.

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41. I Am A Burger (Seoul, South Korea)

In addition to some creative spelling, “I am. A burger&*” is a small but popular burger joint close to Hongik University in Seoul. They bake their own buns and serve simple burgers with a lot of fresh vegetables. The tomato and onion slices can be almost thicker than the patty itself, which could have been a bad thing if they hadn’t been so fresh and crisp. Surprisingly enough they add to the awesomeness rather than detract from it, making I Am A Burger one of our favourite burger places in South Korea.

40. Hard Times Sundaes (New York, USA)

During our last trip to The Big Apple we visited Hard Times Sundaes’ location in Brooklyn. The chuck patties come from the renowned meat supplier Schweid & Sons, and the meat had an amazing char without being overcooked. It tasted great, overflowing with juices that thankfully remained in the squishy and buttery potato roll. The bacon was some of the best we’ve had for a long time, and we also enjoyed the vinegary kick from the mayo and the creamy American cheese. Hard Times Sundaes serve fantastic hamburgers on the verge of greatness! Do yourself a favour and order a double or a triple burger – a single simply isn’t enough!

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39. In-N-Out Burger (USA)

In-N-Out Burger is an epic Californian burger temple that opened back in 1948. They now have more than 300 locations and their menu is still amazingly simple, with fresh meat, vegetables and buns. Our all-time favourite, the “Double Double Animal Style” had mustard-fried double beef patties with extra sauce, dill pickles and fried onions. It tasted amazing, and the patties were packed with flavour despite being so thin. Everything felt fresh, and the bun was nicely toasted. There’s no doubt that In-N-Out is an iconic west coast destination that shouldn’t be missed.

38. Shake Shack (Global)

Where In-N-Out provide an upscale fast food burger, Shake Shake serve a fast food version of a gourmet burger. They have served simple and high quality burgers since they opened their first Manhattan kiosk in 2004. Super tasty and with interesting seasonal varieties, their hamburgers don’t disappoint. And now it’s easier than ever to try them out, seeing as they’ve got such a strong global presence. We fully agree with the high praises — this is one of the best fast food burger we have ever eaten.

37. MEATliquor (England)

Yianni Papoutsis’ legendary burger joint MEATliquor marked the start of London’s rise in the burger scene many years ago. Their punk-rock aesthetics and sloppy burgers prove that you sometimes don’t need much else than top notch ingredients and serious amounts of grease. Do yourself a favour and wash down a mustard fried Dead Hippie burger with one of their bespoke cocktails.

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36. Ground Burger (Lisbon, Portugal)

Ground Burger is located near Gulbenkian Park in central Lisbon, and it’s obvious that they take pride in what they do. They bake their buns twice a day, their meat is certified Black Angus beef that’s ground daily and they have an impressive selection of beers. Our burger had a juicy patty with a nice crust, and the flavours really were on point, enclosed in a really good and robust bun. We can confidently say that Ground Burger serve the best burgers in southern Europe. Don’t miss this gem the next time you’re in Portugal.

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35. Handsome Burger (Galway, Ireland)

Handsome Burger started out as a small street food vendor in Galway, and has now expanded into Dublin. In the summer of 2019 they were awarded The Best Burger in Ireland, and we can see why. The amazing meat had a deeply beefy flavour, and the other ingredients – such as super intensive Derg cheddar and delectable bacon – were bold without taking over too much. We also liked the sturdy bun that kept everything in place. This is definitely the best burger we’ve had from the Emerald Isle.

34. Daniel Thaiger (Bangkok, Thailand)

Daniel Thaiger is a foodtruck and a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. We were a bit sceptical at first due to the unexpectedly dark brioche bun, but it was both fluffy and sweet. Everything tasted great, from the juicy patty, crispy bacon and flavoursome sauces, to the creamy cheese and the aromatic grilled onions. We really enjoyed all of these distinct flavours, and can highly recommend a visit if you’re looking for a good burger in Bangkok!

33. Heat Firehouse (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Heat Firehouse is a relatively new meat restaurant in the flashy Leblon district in the west parts of Rio de Janeiro. Our Hometown Burger contained meat, aged cheddar and some bacon, and we could immediately see that it was made with care and love, and it felt great in our hands. And the meat was amazingly soft and juicy, with some much-needed flavours added by the smoked bacon. The firm bun did a great job holding everything together, despite all the meat juices. Heat Firehouse serve one of the best burgers we’ve eaten in Brazil, making them an obvious choice the next time you’re in Rio.

32. The Beef Chief (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The Beef Chief is a top-notch burger joint from Amsterdam, serving big, fat and juicy burgers with great ingredients. They always strike a great balance when it comes to their choice of ingredients, such as the ”Fool’s Gold” burger with thick-cut braised bacon, aged Gouda cheese, habanero chili jam and a peanut butter sauce. The habanero and chili jam was amazing and worked really well with the flavours from the cheese and bacon. The peanut butter sauce had a nice flavour as well, and we were actually quite surprised how good everything worked together. We can’t wait to see what they create for our next visit.

31. Honest Burgers (England)

Honest Burgers now have over 30 locations in England, and can be found throughout the country. Their minimalistic menu focuses on what’s really important: great burgers. And what burgers! The fluffy and flavoursome bun closes around the tasty and aesthetically pleasing patty, topped off with nicely melted cheese and other fresh ingredients. In addition to the succulent burgers, the even more amazing rosemary fries really steal the show! If you haven’t had them you’re really missing out. They’re honestly breathtaking!

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30. Beef & Liberty (Shanghai, China & Hong Kong)

Beef & Liberty serve our favourite burgers in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. Really cool interiors, friendly staff and great burgers. What’s not to like? Their super-juicy hamburgers have excellently medium-cooked beef patties, and the buns are really fluffy. But what caught our attention the most was the bacon, both the strips and the absolutely amazing bacon jam. Be sure to seek them out!

29. All In Burger (São Paulo, Brazil)

All In Burger is one of our favourite burger joints in Brazil, with restaurants in São Paulo and Santo André. It’s clear from the start that their meat is the star of the show – really juicy and delicious. And since the patty was grilled and not smashed it was a bit bigger than we’re used to. Not that it stopped us from stuffing our faces! The melted Queijo prato cheese was nice and creamy and worked well together with the meat, and the bun was really good too. A must visit for your next trip!

28. Mott Street (Chicago, USA)

The Mott Burger at Mott Street can only be eaten in their bar area, and is not for the burger purists out there. With double chuck patties, sweet potato shoestrings, hoisin aioli, pickled jalapeños, dill pickles, miso butter and American cheese, this was no simple burger. But it was a real beauty! The juicy and well-seasoned patties worked in great harmony with the bite from the jalapeños, the creamy melted cheese and the crispy sweet potato shoestrings. Miso butter and hoisin aioli aren’t the most common ingredients on a burger, but they added an excellent umami fullness. And the fluffy bun held everything in place without falling to pieces. A work of art, and one of our favourites in Chicago.

27. Henry’s Burger (Tokyo, Japan)

Henry’s Burger is located in the trendy Daikanyama district near Shibuya. With only three options on the menu – a single, double or triple burger – and just four seats, this feels very much in line with the Japanese shokunin tradition of doing one thing and one thing only, with focus on constant improvements. This is basically like a burger from the best fast food chains on the American west coast, but with high quality Kobe beef. It was very tasty, with subtle flavours. The bun, smashed patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato and dressing complimented each other really well, making this our favourite burger spot in Tokyo.

26. Burger Fi (Global)

Burger Fi opened their first restaurant in 2011, and have already expanded to more than 100 locations internationally and in the United States. They only use additive-free ingredients and high quality Angus beef. The CEO burger, with double Wagyu and brisket patties, bacon jam, truffle aioli and aged Swiss cheese, tasted absolutely amazing. The meat was super juicy and exploded with flavours, and the soft, toasted bun handled everything with ease. We were actually a bit blown away that this burger came from a restaurant chain! We have hailed both Shake Shack and In-N-Out Burger as premium fast-casual burger stars, but BurgerFi is actually a step above them.

25. Burgersson (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Burgersson in Sweden is one of the pioneers in Gothenburg’s burger scene, opening their first restaurant back in 2013. Six years and another 2 locations later, they’re still the ones to beat in Sweden’s second largest city. With perfectly medium rare grilled patties, a nicely toasted bun and excellent ingredients, they prove time and time again why they’re so good.

24. Franky’s (Stockholm, Sweden)

Franky’s established an almost cult-like following at their original restaurant spot in Stockholm, and moved to larger premises a few years ago. It’s clear to see their attention to detail and passion for burgers. Enjoy the freshly ground chuck, seared to a nice crust, in an airy bun. The crisp vegetables add some nice texture, and the same goes for their bacon. And don’t miss their double-fried french fries either.

23. Paris New York (Paris, France)

With 5 restaurants in Paris, the small burger chain Paris New York has taken over the French capital. Not only can they boast amazing interiors (seriously, check out their bathrooms and the selfie-beckoning mirrors!), but their burgers manage to live up to the hype as well. The meat is fantastic, and the brioche bread is almost impossibly fluffy without losing its shape. It’s definitely one of the best buns we’ve had. Don’t miss their super-delectable peanut butter and chocolate milkshake, either. Vive le burger!

22. RibHaus (Västerås, Sweden & Seoul, South Korea)

RibHaus have one restaurant in the Swedish town of Västerås, and interestingly enough one in the South Korean capital Seoul. This makes sense seeing as their burgers have loads of Asian influences. Their Bacon Jamm burger with double cheese, bacon jam, mustard and shredded lettuce is a wonderful treat, with a perfectly shaped sesame bun. The generous amount of bacon jam was sweet and savoury in a way that worked great with the tangy mustard, and the end result was fantastic. And the nicely charred and brilliantly seasoned beef really enhanced the beefiness. Definitely one of the best burgers in Sweden, and by far number one in both its cities.

21. Bun Meat Bun (Stockholm, Sweden)

Legends in Stockholm’s fledgling burger scene back in the day, Bun Meat Bun now have three restaurants. They started out in 2014 as Sweden’s answer to Shake Shack, but their dedication to smash burgers has taken them well beyond their international counterpart. A burger with two or three 100 gram patties will give you loads of addictive flavours and great textures, and with several fun off-menu items (such as their oozing Cheesus burger, or getting your burger mustard fried) and sides, there’s always something new to try. The soft potato bun is nice and airy, handling all the sauces and meat juices. And the price-point is excellent as well!

20. Owen & Engine (Chicago, USA)

Owen & Engine in the outskirts of Chicago only have one burger on the menu, with a 1/2 pound patty with a 60/20/20 blend of locally sourced chuck, brisket and short ribs. This simple creation only contains the bun, a patty and a large pile of caramelized onions, with fries, a vinegar mayo and a pickle on the side. It looked great with its thick patty in the soft and fluffy potato bun and the heaping of glistening onions. The super juicy meat had a really nice char and was perfectly medium rare in the middle. And the intense beef flavour worked great with the subtle sweetness from the slowly caramelized onions. The potato bun was nicely toasted and was just large enough to handle all the juices from the meat and onions, and balanced out the flavour excellently. The attention to detail and artisanal approach was obvious, making Owen & Engine one of our favourites in Chicago.

19. Barrels Burgers & Beer (Stockholm, Sweden)

Barrels Burgers & Beer opened their first restaurant back in 2016 in Stockholm’s Old Town, and they have now expanded to spacious locations Downtown and in Södermalm. The burgers are made from top-quality ingredients, and are always juicy and packed with flavour. Served in a soft and slightly toasted bun, these well-composed burgers pack a nicely seasoned and beefy punch. We definitely recommend that you add some bacon to your burger as well. The sides are worth noting as well. If you like dill, the French fries will be a nice surprise, and the haricot verts are a nice and slightly more healthy alternative. Barrels’ loving attention to detail have made them a top contender in Stockholm’s burger scene, and we are happy to report that our Stockholm Burger Fest partners keep on getting better for every year that passes.

18. Grilleriet Burgers (Kalmar & Växjö, Sweden)

Grilleriet Burgers in Växjö and Kalmar first opened their doors in 2015. They grind their own meat (a 70% chuck and 30% brisket blend) every day, and bake their own buns. Our burger looked absolutely stunning and the flavours didn’t disappoint either. Cooked perfectly pink, it oozed juices and tasted satisfyingly meaty. The lightly toasted bun was fluffy and buttery, the homemade dill-pickle was delicious and the hot and spicy mustard and ketchup created an amazing dining experience. Wow! This is one of the best burgers we’ve had in the in south of Sweden. Grilleriet are well worth a detour if you’re nearby, and we’re already looking forward to our next visit!

17. Funky Chicken Food Truck (Stockholm, Sweden)

There aren’t as many high quality food trucks in Stockholm anymore, but we’re happy to report that Funky Chicken Food Truck keep getting better for every year that passes. And these last few seasons has seen them claim their spot as Sweden’s best burger food truck. With a semi-permanent location in Nacka Strand, just outside central Stockholm, and a summer weekend spot in town, the queues are always long. And for good reason. This is pure street food bliss; a gooey taste explosion that oozes meat juices, and demands to be eaten in no time. The juicy patty has an amazing crust, and is packed with flavours. The brioche bun is deceptively light and airy as well. We’ve never left Funky Chicken without a big smile on our faces.

16. Garage Bar (Höganäs, Sweden)

Garage Bar is a little piece of burger goodness in Höganäs in the south of Sweden. The burgers have an incredible char and amazing meat flavour. The juicy 100% chuck patties were flawless, complimented by the deliciously melted cheddar and didn’t need much more than some onions and condiments. The bun was almost as good and did a great job keeping the juices in. Sure, it’s probably a bit out of your way, but If you love burgers then Garage Bar should definitely be on your bucket list.

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15. Tucka Burger (London, England)

Tucka Burger started serving their food truck burgers in London back in 2018, and have recently got a semi-permanent location at the street food market Dinerama in Shoreditch where they cook decadent burgers at an impressive price-point. The Mark Tuckaburg 2.0 burger we ate contained 50 day dry-aged beef, bacon jam, American cheese, mayo and roasted garlic butter in a toasted sesame bun, plus thick-cut pickles. This was a juicy and gooey little piece of art before we’d started eating, and our first bite oozed of juices. That dry-aged beef really hit the spot. All of the other ingredients added their own punch as well; the bacon jam was intensely sweet and salty and the cheese was super creamy. And the mayo with the roasted garlic butter really lifted the bun, making it extra juicy and flavoursome. It’s safe to say that this was everything we were looking for in a burger, making Tucka Burger one of the most interesting burger vendors in London right now.

Tucka Burger

14. Bastard Burgers (Sweden)

Bastard Burgers opened in the northern Swedish town of Luleå in 2016, and have seen explosive growth since then. They currently have almost 30 restaurants in Sweden, and even have international expansion plans. Thankfully, they seem to be making an effort to retain their high quality without losing their soul. They only use meat from the north of Sweden, and focus on local ingredients. Their menu is balanced and varied, with a nice rotation of monthly creations and vegan options. This is a real street food burger, with loads of bold flavours and a great crust. The slightly pink meat centre is super-juicy and tasty. We also love the generous amounts of cheese on most burgers and the great bun. And their dill pickles are not to be missed, with an enchantingly sharp sweetness. Bastard Burgers are definitely Sweden’s best burger chain!

13. Eat Lagom (London, England)

Burgers come and go on Eat Lagom’s menu, and their Hackney location is actually worth a visit even when they’re burger free. But you still owe it to yourself to eat one of their jaw dropping hamburgers if you get the chance. The Björn Borger with super dry-aged beef, Tomahawk rib bacon, smoked American cheese, “secret Scandi-slaw” and dill mustard mayo was almost perfect, and one of the best burger’s we’ve eaten. No wonder we had them as our guests at Stockholm Burger Fest 2018! The dill mustard mayo broke though the richness, and did a great job balancing all the smoky flavours. Lagom comes with our warmest recommendations.

12. Minetta Tavern (New York, USA)

The Michelin-starred restaurant Minetta Tavern in Greenwich Village, New York has been in business since 1937, and serves one of the very best burgers in the USA. We headed straight for their Black Label Burger, with an astounding dry-aged beef patty from Pat LaFrieda that tasted exceptionally good, instantly justifying the hefty 33 dollar price tag. The caramelized onion and the fluffy brioche bun contributed with a nice sweetness to the otherwise dominating meat flavour. This is one of the best burgers we’ve eaten, and their star rating is more than justified!

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11. George’s Bar & Grill (Cathedral City, USA)

George’s Bar & Grill in California’s Cathedral City is perhaps most known for being named one of the best burger joints in the U.S. by burger royalty George Motz – burger guru and author of the book Hamburger America. Their double cheeseburger with local chuck, American cheese, mayo, iceberg lettuce and a hefty amount of fried onions came served in a sesame bun. It tasted so good, and we completely understand and respect for their ketchup ban. The meat was a perfect medium rare with a distinctly beefy flavour, the cheese was creamy and the salad perfectly crispy. We especially liked the almost charred onions, and even though we usually prefer a brioche bun we were floored by the toasted sesame bun that did everything we’d hoped it would. If you’re near Palm Springs and want an amazing burger, don’t miss out!

10. Gasoline Grill (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Gasoline Grill opened their first restaurant in a fully functional gas station in Copenhagen, and they have now expanded throughout the Danish capital. We’re completely in love with their Cheeseburger and their decadent Butterburger (with a square of unmelted butter under the top bun) is just one of the reasons why we brought them over to Stockholm Burger Fest 2019. Our burgers came served in a practical paper pocket that collected all of the meat juices from the perfectly medium rare patty that was packed with meaty flavour. The bun’s top crust was a bit thicker than we’d expected, but it was super-soft on the inside and had been heated on the griddle. It worked really great with the other ingredients. We enjoyed the slight spiciness of the Gasoline sauce, that set it apart from regular bland burger sauces, and the cheese was melty and creamy. And the rich Butterburger was extremely flavourful and just managed to reign in the flavours without being overpowering. Gasoline Grill’s simple yet tasty burgers, cool setting and reasonable price easily makes them the best hamburger joint in Denmark, and the kings of Copenhagen.

9. Flippin’ Burgers (Stockholm, Sweden)

It’s fair to say that Flippin’ Burgers paved the way for the Swedish burger scene when they opened back in 2012. Their restaurant by Odenplan in central Stockholm is always packed, and we recommend that you go there just before they open to avoid the worst wait, especially during weekends. These are burgers well worth waiting for. The high-quality meat is ground according to the Blumenthal method, and is served as one 150 gram patty or two 100 gram patties for optimal beef-to-bun ratio. They are smashed for maximum taste and a nice crust, but still manage to have a nice pink centre. The bun is baked daily by a well-renowned artisanal baker, and the other ingredients are usually well-balanced to complement the burger nicely. Their off-menu Flimpy, with four 50 gram patties for maximum crust and cheesiness, is one of our absolute favourites. It’s their holistic approach that sets them apart from the competition, and their impressive beer selection is just another reason to love them. Simply put, Flippin’ Burgers serve Sweden’s best burger.

8. Blue Collar (New York, USA)

Blue Collar is a small and modest burger joint in Williamsburg that blew us away with their tasty burgers. Besides being absolutely delicious they’re also dirt cheap, and you can get a double cheeseburger for about six dollars. Juicy meat, an incredibly soft potato bun and crisp vegetables pave the way for a delicious meal. In fact we can’t recommend this place enough: it was so good that we actually ordered a second burger just for the hell of it.

7. HiHo Cheeseburger (Los Angeles, USA)

HiHo Cheeseburger opened in Los Angeles’ Santa Monica district in 2017, and use only 100% grass-fed and freshly ground Wagyu beef in their burgers. We ordered a double HiHo Cheeseburger with 1/3 lb beef from their short but sweet menu, and it looked really appetizing. And it only took one bite for us to realize that hype is real! The meat was perfectly grilled, with a great char without being burnt on the outside, and cooked nicely medium in the centre. The meat flavour from the Wagyu beef was amazing, really proving that it can be used in a burger if you know what you’re doing. And the fluffy bun was nicely heated and managed to handle all the juices. All of the ingredients fit well together, with a nice balance between the salty and sweet components. The onion jam had a deep sweetness, and the creamy American cheese was nicely melted. HiHo Cheeseburger serve the best hamburger we’ve eaten in Los Angeles.

6. Patty & Bun (London, England)

Patty & Bun have grown into one of London’s best burger chains, even expanding out into the country. They know exactly what they are doing, and their perfectly cooked patties practically ooze meat juices into the golden brown brioche bread. The end result is a gooey, messy and flavoursome meat explosion that will satisfy all of your burger needs. Creations such as Ari Gold and Smokey Robinson never disappoint, and they often have imaginative specials that wow us. The excellent sides, such as their mind-blowing rosemary salted fries, mean that we seldom miss a chance to visit them when we’re in England.

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5. Au Cheval (Chicago & New York, USA)

The gourmet diner Au Cheval has expanded from Chicago to New York, and they have also opened several Small Cheval locations where they only serve their burgers, with much shorter waiting times. We ordered a single burger with two 4 ounce beef patties from W.W Johnson Farms, dijonnaise, pickles and American cheese, served in a bun from the local bakery Z-Baking. The warm and fluffy bun’s consistency was perfect. But that was not the only flawless thing, as the meat was just as divine. It was cooked medium and gently seasoned in order to really enhance the beefy flavours. The creamy cheese and well-balanced acidity from the dijonnaise and pickles complemented the patty perfectly. And the ratio between the patty, bun and accessories was everything we’d hoped for. Au Cheval serve one of the best burgers in the United States, and are a must-visit for all burger lovers out there. Don’t miss them for anything in the world!

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4. Bleecker Burger (London, England)

Bleecker Burger may not have a fancy restaurant or a long menu, but they make up for this by serving amazing burgers that focus on the extremely beefy flavours. The dry-aged medium rare patty is a real taste explosion, and the soft and slightly toasted bus had to work overtime to mop up all the juices. Thankfully the seeded bun is always up to the task, resulting in an amazing burger experience. We love Bleecker Burger so much that we’ve had them as our guests at our burger festival Stockholm Burger Fest for two years running (2018 and 2019), and we’re always satisfied after our meal. Definitely one of the best burgers in the world.

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3. J.G. Melon (New York, USA)

Since 1972 the burgers from J.G. Melon has been an institution in the ever-growing burger scene in New York. Their burgers have been voted the best in New York multiple times from several publications, and it’s easy to understand why. Their cheeseburger is close to perfection with a fluffy and slightly roasted potato bun, a juicy patty with a nice crust together with a melted slice of cheese on top. It’s simply wonderful! Sometimes less is more, especially when done right like they do. A true example of burger love, and definitely one of our favourites.

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2. Burger & Beyond (London, England)

Our favourite burger in Europe, Burger & Beyond have gone a long way from small market stalls to their own bona fide restaurant in Shoreditch, London. With seriously dry-aged beef, crispy pancetta bacon, melty cheese and salivatingly gorgeous condiments such as burnt butter or bone marrow mayo, it’s no wonder that they’ve left everyone gobsmacked, us included. Overly dry-aged meat can sometimes be overpowering, but they always find a way to cut through it and lifted the flavours to new heights. The pancetta bacon adds some nice crispy texture, and the fresh, soft and squishy bun mops up everything. We’ve been known to order another burger from them as soon as we’ve finished eating, something that doesn’t happen very often. They’re just so good, and we can’t stop heaping praise on them. Completely unmissable!

1. Emily (New York, USA)

First things first. Emily in New York isn’t even a real burger restaurant, and only have one burger on their menu – with limited amounts sold each day. The burger is called the “Emmy Burger” and costs a whooping 26 dollars including fries. But eating it is as close as you’ll come to burger heaven. With a slightly toasted pretzel bun from the Tom Cat bakery, 30 day dry-aged beef from the butcher Pat LaFrieda, a 12 month aged Grafton cheddar, caramelized onions, pickles and their bespoke Emmy sauce, this is no ordinary hamburger. Describing the tastes without using superlatives is no easy task, since it was a real taste explosion that gave us everything we’ve ever dreamed of. Sweetness from the onions, tartness from the pickles, heat from their secret sauce and the slight saltiness from the pretzel bun. Combined with the deep and juicy flavours from the dry aged beef and the aged cheddar, the end result was simply breathtaking. In a way, this feels like an evolved version of the classic cheeseburger, and for us it’s the ultimate meal. The Emmy Burger is the best burger we’ve ever eaten, and a trip to Emily’s is simply non-negotiable the next time you’re in New York.

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